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TO AMEND ORDINANCE 09-14 WHICH FIXED THE SALARIES OF APPOINTED OFFICERS, NON-UNION AND A.F.S.C.M.E. EMPLOYEES FOR ALL THE DEPARTMENTS OF THE CITY OF BLOOMINGTON, MONROE COUNTY, INDIANA, FOR THE YEAR 2010 -Re: Positions in the Legal, Parks and Recreation, and Public Works (Administration, Fleet, Street, and Parking Enforcement) Departments and the Council Office

This ordinance amends the City of Bloomington Salary Ordinance for the year 2010 (Ordinance 09-14). The amendments change the grade and title of the Assistant Administrator/Researcher position (Common Council); the grade and title of the Secretary – Human Rights (Legal); the grade of the Secretary (Legal); and the grade and title of the Claims Administrator (Risk). The amendments also add an Inventory Coordinator (Fleet) and two Parking Enforcement Officers (Parking Enforcement); and change the grade and title of the Communications Operator (Public Works Administration), Clerk and Account Clerk (Street) and the Sports Facility Supervisor (Parks).

Amends CodeNo
Committee 2010-03-10 8-0-1 (Volan)
Final 2010-03-24 Passed 8-1 (Volan)