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AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND ORDINANCE 13-16, WHICH FIXED SALARIES FOR CERTAIN CITY OF BLOOMINGTON EMPLOYEES FOR THE YEAR 2014 Re: To Centralize Planning and Transportation Functions by Eliminating the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department and by Replacing the Planning Department with a Planning and Transportation Department; and to Better Facilitate Strategies Associated with Community Police by Eliminating the Parking Enforcement Division of the Public Works Departmentand Moving it to the Police Department.

This ordinance amends, in part, the 2014 Ordinance Fixing Salaries for the City of Bloomington, by doing two essential things. First, it creates a new department to be known as the Planning and Transportation Department. That Department will be composed of current Planning and Engineering Department positions and employees. Second, it moves the Parking Enforcement Division from the Public Works Department to the Police Department.

Amends CodeNo
Committee 2014-06-25 7-0 (Rollo, Volan absent)
Final 2014-07-02 Passed 7-0 (Volan, Spechler absent)