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To Amend Ordinance 13-16 Which Fixed the Salaries of Appointed Officers, Non-Union andA.F.S.C.M.E. Employees for All the Departments of the City of Bloomington, Monroe County, Indiana, for the Year 2014 – Re:Adding a Position in the Office ofthe City Clerk (Records Archivist)

This ordinance amends the City of Bloomington Salary Ordinance for the year 2014(Ordinance 13-16). The amendment adds a Records Archivist position to the ordinance in the Office of the City Clerk.

Amends CodeNo
Committee 2014-07-09 6-1 (Volan) -1 (Spechler) Ruff absent
Final 2014-07-16 Passed 5-1 (Spechler) (Rollo, Volan absent) (Sturbaum left early)