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TO AMEND CHAPTER 20 (UNIFIED DEVELOPMENT ORDINANCE) OF THE BLOOMINGTON MUNICIPAL CODE Re: Amending 20.05.051 (“Home occupation – General”), 20.05.064 (“Municipal services – General”), 20.05.079 (“Sign standards – General”), 20.05.080 (“Sign standards – Temporary signs”), 20.05.081 (“Sign standards – Residential”), 20.05.082 (“Sign standards – Permanent display cabinets”), 20.05.083 (“Sign standards – Nonresidential”), 20.05.084 (“Sign standards – Commercial limited”), 20.05.085 (“Sign standards – Commercial downtown”), 20.05.086 (“Sign standards – Sandwich board signs”), 20.05.097 (“Special conditions – Community garden”), 20.05.110 (“Temporary uses and structures – Generally”), 20.07.070 (“Easement standards”), 20.07.160 (“Street and right-of-way standards”), 20.07.190 (“Street sign standards – Residential, commercial and industrial”), and 20.11.020 (“Defined Words”) to Render Provisions of the Bloomington Municipal Code Regulating Signs Compliant with the U.S. Supreme Court’s Holding in Reed v. Town of Gilbert

This ordinance amends the sign regulations contained within Title 20 (the Unified Development Ordinance) of the Bloomington Municipal Code. The changes are a response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Reed v. Town of Gilbert, a decision that clarified the ability of localities to regulate the content of signs. This ordinance makes two types of changes to the local code. First, the City’s sign regulations will no longer provide different standards for different categories of signs. Second, the City will eliminate all but public signs from its rights-of-way. In addition, changes to specific signage allotments for properties and zoning districts have also been modified. Note: The Council made the following amendments to this ordinance: • Am 01 modified the definition of “permanent display cabinet” to make it clear that such cabinets must be attached to a building. (BMC §20.11.020) • Am 02 reduced the permitted area for permitted wall signage from 25 square feet to 10 square feet for legal nonconforming multifamily residential uses in single family zoning districts for those properties having at least three units. (BMC §20.05.080(d)) • Am 03 modified the definition of “sign” to make it clear that a sign is only regulated by the Unified Development Ordinance if it can be seen from a public place or public right-of-way. (BMC §20.11.020) Note further: In accordance with IC §36-7-4-607(e), this ordinance as amended by the Council was returned to the Plan Commission with a Statement of Reasons for the amendments.

Amends CodeYes
Committee 2016-05-11 7-0-2 (Ruff, Volan)
Final 2016-05-18 Passed 7-0 (Sturbaum, Chopra absent)