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TO AMEND TITLE 20 (UNIFIED DEVELOPMENT ORDINANCE) OF THE BLOOMINGTON MUNICIPAL CODE - Re: Amending 20.09.230 (“Demolition and Demolition Delay”) and 20.11.020 (“Defined Words”) to Expedite the Review of Partial Demolition Requests for “Contributing” Structures in Residential Zoning Districts

This ordinance amends Title 20 of the Bloomington Municipal Code (the Unified Development Ordinance) in three key ways. First, it reformats Section 20.09.230 so that the Section is easier to read and so that the Section’s formatting is more consistent with the formatting in other sections of the Unified Development Ordinance. Second, it permits the staff person assigned to the HPC to render a determination as to whether or not a “Contributing” structure in a residential zoning district that is proposed for partial demolition either meets the requirements or does not meet the requirements for the HPC to recommend to the Common Council that said property be designated as a local historic district. Third, it modifies the definition of the term “partial demolition”, the modification of which includes the addition of a new defined term, “substantial removal”. Note: The Council made the following amendments to this ordinance on the following evenings: - On April 6, 2016, the Council adopted: - Am 05, which amended the sixth Whereas clause, BMC 20.09.230(b), and BMC 20.09.230(b)(2)(b); and - Am 01, which deleted and replaced BMC 20.09.230(b)(5) - On May 4, 2016, the Council adopted: - Am 06, which added two Whereas clauses, amended the building set-back and height step-down provisions for the downtown overlay districts in regard to buildings adjacent to historically surveyed properties, narrowed the scope of properties subject to demolition delay, incorporated by reference a table of affected properties, and added three definitions to Title 20; and - Am 02, which added a change in roofing materials to the definition of "partial demolition". Note: In accordance with IC 36-7-4-607(e), the ordinance as amended by the Council was returned to the Plan Commission with a State of Reasons for the Amendments.

Amends CodeYes
Committee 2016-03-30 1 (Piedmont-Smith)-0-5 (Sandberg, Volan, Granger absent)
Final 2016-05-04 Passed 9-0