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TO AMEND TITLE 12 OF THE BLOOMINGTON MUNICIPAL CODE ENTITLED “STREETS, SIDEWALKS AND STORM SEWERS” (Amending Chapter 12.04 “General Regulations,” Chapter 12.08 “Excavations,” and Adding a New Chapter 12.12 “Utilities in the Right-of-Way”)

This ordinance does three key things. First, it changes all references in Title 12 (specifically Chapters 12.04, 12.08 and the newly created 12.12) to the “Transportation and Traffic Engineer” to read instead “Transportation and Traffic Engineer, or his or her designees”. The reason for this change is to ensure that other members of the Planning and Transportation Department who regularly and consistently work with and for the Transportation and Traffic Engineer are given authority under the Bloomington Municipal Code to continue performing their normal job assignments. Second, it makes amendments to Chapter 12.08, entitled “Excavations”. The changes to Chapter 12.08 include the following: (1) amending the Chapter so it is clear that excavation work in a right-of-way also requires a permit; (2) requiring the submittal of a site plan at the timean application for an excavation permit is submitted; (3) consolidating and streamlining several existing sections so that the Chapter is more efficient and reader-friendly; (4) exempting governmental and not-for-profit entitiesfrom paying for excavation permit fees and exempting City of Bloomington Utilities from the requirement to file a bond; (5) increasing the bond limit and adding in an insurance and indemnity requirement; and (6) establishing a protocol for how utilities companies are allowed to conduct excavation work in emergency situations. Third, it establishes a new Chapter of the Bloomington Municipal Code, Chapter 12.12, entitled “Utilities in the Right-of-Way. The purpose of this new Chapter is to establish some very basic standards and guidelines regarding how and where utility devices and appurtenances can specifically locate.

Amends CodeYes
Final 2016-04-20 Passed 8-0 (Sturbaum absent)