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TO AMEND TITLE 15 OF THE BLOOMINGTON MUNICIPAL CODE ENTITLED “VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC”-- Re: Alley Parking; No Parking Zones; No Truck Parking Zones; Limited Parking Zones; Loading Zones; Removal and Impoundment of Vehicles; Pedestrian Crosswalks; Parking Permit Fees; Mayoral Authorization to Suspend Enforcement of Garages as Well as Meters; Fees for Law Enforcement Recordings; Class B, C, D, E, and H Traffic Violations; and, Appeals of Parking and Other Violations

This ordinance seeks to amend several sections of Title 15 of the Bloomington Municipal Code in order to make changes suggested by the following entities: City of Bloomington Planning & Transportation Department, City of Bloomington Legal Department, the City of Bloomington Traffic Commission, and the City Clerk. Changes include: modifying alley parking restrictions; adding in new areas to the no parking zones; deleting areas from the no parking zones; creating a no truck parking zone; adding new areas to the limited parking zones; deleting areas from the no parking zones; adding in a new loading zone; modifying loading zone restrictions; allowing the Mayor to waive the enforcement of parking garage restrictions; adding fees for parking garage passes; clarifying the authority to tow and impound illegally parked vehicles and machinery; deleting sections related to pedestrian crosswalks; modifying the fees charged for copies of law enforcement recordings; penalizing the alteration or falsification of parking permits issued under Title 15; creating an appeal process for citations with $50 and $100 fines; increasing the time in which a person has to appeal citations from seven to fourteen days; and, increasing the length of time it takes for a Class D violation to escalate from a $20 to $40, from seven to fourteen days. Note: This ordinance was revised after being distributed in the Weekly Council Legislative Packet and introduced at the Regular Session on June 29, 2016. The revisions deleted the substance of Section 9, which proposed an increase in the Residential Neighborhood Parking Permits and reference to that change in the synopsis, and will provide time for the Administration to further study the issue. Note: This ordinance was amended with the adoption of Am 01 at the Special Session on July 12, 2016. Am 01 removed the limited parking proposed for the south side of first block of First Street immediately west of Binford and Rogers schools.

Amends CodeYes
Committee 2016-07-06 1 (Mayer) -1 (Volan)-6 (Chopra absent)
Final 2016-07-12 Passed 9-0