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TO AMEND TITLE 2 OF THE BLOOMINGTON MUNICIPAL CODE (BMC) ENTITLED “ADMINISTRATION AND PERSONNEL” – Re: Amending BMC Chapter 2.02 (Boards and Commissions) to Provide for the Common Council Appointment of No More than Four Non-Voting Advisory Members to Certain Boards, Commissions, and Councils

This ordinance is sponsored by Councilmember Sturbaum and would provide for the appointment by the Common Council of non-voting advisory members to certain boards, commissions, and councils. Statute and local code allow for such non-voting advisory members to serve on the Historic Preservation Commission and Councilmember Sturbaum’s experience with their contributions to the work of that commission has persuaded him to offer that opportunity to other of the City’s boards, commissions, and councils. Please note that the opportunity to expand membership for these non-voting advisory appointments will not be available to certain statutory boards, commissions, and councils which are listed in the ordinance.

Amends CodeYes
Committee 2016-09-14 6-0-2 (Volan, Rollo) (Sandberg absent)
Final 2016-10-19 Passed 9-0