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TO AMEND TITLE 4 (BUSINESS LICENSES AND REGULATIONS) OF THE BLOOMINGTON MUNICIPAL CODE - Re: Amending 4.16.010 (Solicitors - Definitions), 4.28.160 (Mobile Vendors - Standards of Conduct), and 4.30.150 (Pushcarts - Standards of Conduct)

This ordinance makes two changes to Title 4 of the Bloomington Municipal Code, entitled “Business Licenses and Regulations.” First, it removes the distinction between commercial and non-commercial speech in the definition of “solicitor’ in order to be consistent with the City’s approach to U.S. Supreme Court’s holding in Reed v. Town of Gilbert. Second, it corrects citation references in the Mobile Food Vendor and Pushcart Chapters as they relate to sandwich board signs. With the recent overhaul of sign regulations in the Unified Development Ordinance the sandwich board sections referenced in Title 4 are no longer correct; this amendment corrects this error.

Amends CodeYes
Committee 2016-07-06 8-0 (Chopra absent)
Final 2016-07-12 Passed 9-0