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TO VACATE A PUBLIC PARCEL - Re: A 50-Foot by 120-Foot Segment of North Grant Street Located South of 18th Street and East of 1313 North Grant Street (RCR Properties, LLC, Petitioner)

The petitioner, RCR Properties, LLC, requests vacation of a segment of North Grant Street located south of 18th Street and east of 1313 N. Grant Street in order to create a green beltway as proposed in Ord 16-20, which rezones the surrounding property from Residential High-Density Multifamily (RH) to Planned Unit Development (PUD) and approves the associated District Ordinance and Preliminary Plan.

Amends CodeNo
Committee 2016-10-05 3 (Sturbaum, Sandberg, Piedmont-Smith)-1 (Granger)-4 (Rollo absent)
Final 2016-11-09 Passed 5-1 (Volan) (Granger, Piedmont-Smith, Chopra absent)