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TO AMEND TITLE 2 OF THE BLOOMINGTON MUNICIPAL CODE ENTITLED “ADMINISTRATION AND PERSONNEL” (Amending Chapter 2.26 (Controller’s Department) to Add Section 2.26.110 Authorizing a Fee Schedule for the Private Rental of City Facilities)

The City has established the City of Bloomington Facility Use Policy (“Policy”) for managing the use of rooms and spaces in City facilities by non-City organizations and individuals. The new Policy provides that City employees and Departments have first priority for use of City facilities. After that, reservation and temporary use of spaces in City facilities is free to non-profit and government entities. This ordinance seeks to permit the City to charge reasonable rent to private/for-profit “Renters” desiring to hold events open to the public in City rooms or spaces. Under the Policy, Renters have last priority for use of City spaces. Rental fees would help support the cost of such events for city staff and the cost of maintaining City facilities for the benefit of all.

Amends CodeYes
Committee 2016-11-30 5-0-3 (Sturbaum, Volan, Piedmont-Smith) (Rollo absent)
Final 2016-12-07 Passed 8-1 (Chopra)