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AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND ORDINANCE 16-26 AND ORDINANCE 16-45, WHICH FIXED SALARIES FOR CERTAIN CITY OF BLOOMINGTON EMPLOYEES FOR THE YEAR 2017 - Re: Changes in Job Titles and Job Grades within the Planning and Transportation Department, Legal Department, and Controller’s Office to More Accurately Reflect the Nature and Grade of those Positions

This ordinance amends the legislation fixing the salaries for appointed officers, non-union employees, and A.F.S.C.M.E employees for the City of Bloomington in 2017. These amendments change the titles and grades of two positions in the Planning and Transportation Department, one position in the Legal Department, and one position in the Controller’s Department. In addition, this amendment changes the title for one position in the Planning and Transportation Department.

Amends CodeNo
Committee 2017-03-08 Recommend Do Pass 8-0-1 (Volan)
Final 2017-03-22 Passed 9-0