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TO AMEND CHAPTER 20 (UNIFIED DEVELOPMENT ORDINANCE) OF THE BLOOMINGTON MUNICIPAL CODE Re: Adding Section 20.05.0332 ("CU-13 [Conditional Use - Pocket Neighborhoods]") and Amending Section 20.02.070 ("Residential Core [RC] - Conditional Uses"), 20.02.110 ("Residential Single-family [RS] - Conditional Uses"), and 20.11.020 ("Defined Words")

This ordinance amends Title 20 of the Bloomington Municipal Code (the Unified Development Ordinance) in two ways. First, it adds Section 20.05.0332 to provide for Pocket Neighborhoods as conditional uses in Residential Core (RC) and Single-family (RS) zoning districts. Second, it modifies Section 20.11.020 to add a definition for Pocket Neighborhoods. Note: On June 28, 2017, the Common Council adopted Am 01 which changed the open space requirements set forth in Section 3, 20.05.0332(b)(2).

Amends CodeYes
Committee 2017-06-21 Recommend Do Pass 8-0 (Chopra absent)
Final 2017-06-28 Passed 9-0