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To Amend Title 15 of the Bloomington Municipal Code Entitled "Vehicles and Traffic" - Re: Amending Chapter 15.32 (Parking Controls) to Make Changes to Limited Parking Zones and to Modify Parking Allowances for Certain Vehicles; Chapter 15.36 (Resident-Only Parking Permits) to Clarify Placement on On-Street Parking Spaces; Chapter 15.37 (Residential Neighborhood Permit Parking) to Adjust the Boundaries of Neighborhood Parking Zones and the Fees Associated With the Same; Chapter 15.40 (Municipal Parking Lots, Garages and On-Street Metered Parking) to Adjust the Times and Rates for Parking in Off-Street Facilities; Chapter 15.48 (Removal and Impoundment of Vehicles) to Make Minor Changes Reflecting the Administration of this Section; and, Chapter 15.64 (Traffic Violation Schedule) to Increase the Fine for a Class D Traffic Violation

This ordinance comes forth at the request of the City’s Parking Commission and is sponsored by Councilmembers Granger and Ruff. The measure makes a number of changes to the City’s parking system in response to analysis and recommendations of both the City’s Parking Commission and the Downtown Area Parking Study, a report prepared by Desman Design Management. The salient changes made by this ordinance include: changing the administration of the parking program; increasing fees for neighborhood and other parking permits; building in fee escalators; adding a new neighborhood parking zone; reconfiguring existing neighborhood parking zones; re-stating parking meter fees in terms of maximums; aligning the hours of enforcement at municipal garages and lots with that of on-street meters; eliminating free parking in municipal lots and reducing free parking in municipal garages from three hours to one hour; locating a sunset on free parking in garages; increasing the fees for garage parking; and, increasing the fines for Class D parking violations. The ordinance also makes organizational and text changes intended to clarify the relevant provisions. Note: This ordinance was revised after it was issued in the Council’s Legislative Packet, but prior to introduction, to make minor typographical corrections and to make all street naming conventions consistent. This revision also alters Section 22 associated with 15.37.190(a), eligibility for “All Zones Permits,” to eliminate the requirement that an employer must have 25 or more FTEs to obtain additional permits. Further, the revision also alters Section 8 associated with 15.36.070 to add subsection (4) to make clear that reserved residential on-street parking spaces shall not be located to result in the further narrowing of an existing substandard width of roadway. Note further: On September 19, 2018, the Council adopted the following amendments: Am 01 which amended sections 12 and 15; Am 02 which added Section 36 and amended the effective date table; Am 03 which added Sections 37-40; Am 04 which added sections 41-45; Am 05 which amended Section 29; Am 06 which amended Section 25 and the effective date table; and Am 08 which amended Section 24.

Amends CodeYes
Final 2018-09-19 pass 9-0