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TO AMEND TITLE 2 OF THE BLOOMINGTON MUNICIPAL CODE ENTITLED "ADMINISTRATION AND PERSONNEL" AND TO GRANT AUTHORITY TO ACT IN ACCORDANCE WITH DECLARED DISASTER EMERGENCIES--Re: Amending 2.22.030 Entitled "Employee Policies" and Complying with the State of Indiana's Declaration of Disaster Emergency under I.C. § 10-14-3-12

Ordinance 20-09 addresses the operation of City government during the public health emergency resulting from COVID-19. It amends employee policies to allow the Mayor to order some or all employees of the City of Bloomington to continue to receive pay during their regularly scheduled, non-overtime work hours, for the duration of an emergency declared by the Governor under IC § 10- 14-3- 12. Then, for the duration of this emergency, it invokes Indiana Code 10-14-3-17(j), which, in part, allows political subdivisions to waive procedures and formalities in regard to certain of its functions, and gives the Mayor the authority to implement those measures, as long as those actions are consistent with that statute, the Governor's executive orders, or any other applicable law, declaration, order, or decree. Also for the duration of this disaster emergency and to the extent consistent with guidance from the State Board of Accounts, it authorizes the Controller to approve the payment of all necessary City expenditures, and defers the action of the boards and commissions which normally review and approve these expenditures, until after the emergency and alters their role, at that time, to the review and approval of the Controller's actions.

Amends CodeYes
Final 2020-04-22 pass 8-0 (Volan, absent)