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TO AMEND TITLE 15 OF THE BLOOMINGTON MUNICIPAL CODE (BMC) ENTITLED “VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC” - Re: Amending BMC Chapters 15.48 (Removal and Impoundment of Vehicles) and 15.52 (Abandoned Vehicles) to Align Rules for City-Initiated Tow with Non-Consensual Tows

This ordinance brings rules governing publicly-initiated tows under Title 15 into line with recently adopted rules for nonconsensual tows codified in Title 4. By making the rules for maximum charges and for release of towed vehicles uniform in both Title 4 and Title 15, this ordinance will result in more clarity for the public and easier administration of towing rules for both public and private actors.

Amends CodeYes
Final 2020-06-03 pass 9-0-0