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TO AMEND TITLE 15 OF THE BLOOMINGTON MUNICIPAL CODE ENTITLED "VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC" Re: Amending Chapters 15.12.010 (Stop Intersections) to add several stop signs; 15.12.030 (Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon Signals) to add a hybrid beacon signal; 15.32.080 (No Parking Zones) to add several no parking zones; 15.32.100 (Loading Zones) to delete several loading zones; 15.32.100 (Loading Zones) to add a loading zone; 15.37.020 (Applicability) to delete several streets from Zone 8; and 15.37.050 (Fees) to add provision about the timing of permit sales

This Ordinance amends Title 15, "Vehicles and Traffic," of the Bloomington Municipal Code and comes forth at the request of City staff and the Traffic Commission. The ordinance makes the following changes: --It adds stop intersections to South Addisyn Lane at West Countryside Lane and at South Delia Star Drive, to S. Delila Star Drive at West Countryside Lane and at West Sunstone Drive, to West Eventide Drive at South Addisyn Lane and at South Delila Star Drive, to South Flat Rock Road at South Addisyn Lane and to West Sunstone Drive at South Adams Street. --It adds a new pedestrian hybrid beacon signal at the crossing of South Walnut Street and the BLink Trail. --It adds a new no parking zone on West Pinewood Drive from South Walnut Street to South Pinewood lane on both sides of the street. --It deletes several loading zones from the municipal code that are no longer in existence and corrects the time restrictions for a loading zone on West Fourth Street. --It deletes the current residential neighborhood zone 8, as that zone was absorbed by other zones by a previous ordinance. --It clarifies that the parking services division has the authority to begin the neighborhood parking permit sales process for the upcoming year at any time. Note: At the November 4, 2020 Regular Session, the Council adopted Amendment 01 to Ordinance 20-18, which inserted Section 7 of the ordinance and renumbered subsequent sections.

Amends CodeYes
Final 2020-11-04 pass 9-0