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TO AMEND TITLE 2 OF THE BLOOMINGTON MUNICIPAL CODE ENTITLED "ADMINISTRATION AND PERSONNEL" Re: Chapter 2.02 (Boards and Commissions - revised) and Chapter 2.04 (Common Council-revised)

SYNOPSIS This ordinance is sponsored by Councilmember Volan and would amend portions of Title 2 of the Bloomington Municipal Code entitled "Administration and Personnel." The ordinance makes the following changes: It requires that certain information about each city board or commission be maintained on the city's website and revises the process to be followed upon a board or commission vacancy. It revises BMC Section 2.04.050 ("Regular Meetings") to clarify that the Council may schedule its summer recess as needed. It revises BMC Section 2.04.255 ("Committees - Scheduling") to clarify council committee scheduling and the process of referring legislation to a council committee. It revises BMC Section 2.04.270 ("Ordinances and resolutions-Filing, copies and agendas") to specify that the Council President is authorized to approve the agendas for committee meetings convened to consider legislation referred to them. It deletes BMC Section 2.04.290 ("Ordinances and resolutions-Fiscal impact statement required"). Note: This ordinance was revised after distribution in the Legislative Packet but before being introduced for first reading at the December 9, 2020 Special Session. The revision added the third Whereas clause, inserted a new Section 4, amended Section 5 to clarify council committees shall not meet to hear legislation during any scheduled summer recess, and renumbered subsequent sections accordingly. Also note: This ordinance was previously introduced and discussed under the former number Ordinance 20-33, but was renumbered as Ordinance 21-03 and revised with an updated signature block to reflect the new year and election of a new Council President on January 6, 2021. Also note: At the February 17, 2021 Regular Session, the Council adopted two amendments to this ordinance, which did the following: Am 01 - simplified the process of providing a fiscal impact statement (rather than eliminate the requirement for such statements) by requiring sponsors of legislation to provide a narrative that describes the expected fiscal impact,ยท Am 02 - eliminated a provision requiring a motion for referral of legislation to a standing committee to be considered before a motion for referral of legislation to the Committee of the Whole.

Amends CodeYes
Final 2021-02-17 pass 9-0