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TO AMEND TITLE 7 OF THE BLOOMINGTON MUNICIPAL CODE ENTITLED "ANIMALS" - Re: Amending Chapter 7.01 (Definitions); Chapter 7.16 (Commercial Animal Establishment Permits); Chapter 7.54 (Fees); and Chapter 7.56 (Enforcement Procedure)

Ordinance 21-45 is sponsored by Councilmember Sandberg, Councilmember Piedmont-Smith, and Councilmember Rollo and would amend portions of Title 7 of the Bloomington Municipal Code entitled "Animals." The ordinance makes the following changes: It revises BMC Section 7.01.010 to add, remove, and revise various defined terms. It revises BMC Section 7.16.040 to remove the requirement that the breeder's name be posted on the animal's kennel. It removes BMC Section 7.16.045 in its entirety. It revises BMC Section 7.54.030 to make the commercial animal establishment fee for pet shops $250. It adds BMC Section 7 .16.070, which prohibits the sale of dogs and cats by pet shops. It revises BMC Section 7.56.030 to add a penalty for the sale of dogs or cats by a pet shop.

Amends CodeYes
Final 2021-12-01 pass 8-0 (Flaherty, absent)