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TO AMEND TITLE 8 OF THE BLOOMINGTON MUNICIPAL CODE, ENTITLED “HISTORIC PRESERVATION AND PROTECTION” TO ESTABLISH A HISTORIC DISTRICT – Re: 200 E Kirkwood Ave. (Bloomington National Savings and Loan Association) (Bloomington Historic Preservation Commission, Petitioner)

This ordinance amends Chapter 8.20 of the Bloomington Municipal Code entitled “The List of Designated Historic Districts” in order to designate the Bloomington National Savings and Loan Association building as a historic district. The Bloomington Historic Preservation Commission, after a public hearing April 14, 2022, recommended that the structure be designated historic with a rating as “Notable.” This rating was based upon certain historic and architectural criteria set forth in BMC 8.08.010(e) entitled “Historic District Criteria.” Local designation will provide the protection needed to ensure that this property is preserved.

Amends CodeYes
Final 2022-06-15 pass 8-0-0 (Volan absent)