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Date - 1987 Number Status Title Download
December 16 87-23 Passed Resolution 87-23 To Approve the Use of Revenues from Municipal Building Vending Machines for City Employee Functions Resolution
December 16 87-22 Passed Resolution 87-22 To Applaud the Work of UNICEF and to Encourage the Citizens of Bloomington to Support UNICEF Resolution
December 16 87-21 Passed Resolution 87-21 To Approve Rental and Use Agreement for Animal Shelter Operation  Resolution
December 16 87-20 Passed Resolution 87-20 To Amend Criteria and Procedure for Designation of Economic Revitalization Areas Within the City of Bloomington  Resolution
- - - 87-19 Withdrawn Resolution 87-19 To Express the Sense of the Common Council with Regard to the Performance by Westinghouse of its Obligations Under the Consent Decree - - -
November 11 87-18 Passed Resolution 87-18 To Approve Interlocal Cooperation Agreement for Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program  Resolution
October 21 87-17 Passed Resolution 87-17 To Approve Interlocal Cooperation Agreement for Animal Shelter Operation for the Year 1988 Resolution
October 21 87-16 Passed Resolution 87-16 To Approve an Interim Interlocal Agreement For Provision of Fire Protection Services  Resolution
September 16 87-15 Passed Resolution 87-15 To Approve Application of the Federal Section 8 Housing Provisions to the Bloomington Housing Authority Resolution
September 16 87-14 Passed Resolution 87-14 To Welcome His Holiness the Dalai Lama to the City of Bloomington  Resolution
August 19 87-13 Passed Resolution 87-13 To Support a Project Extending the Monroe County Airport Runway  Resolution
August 19 87-12 Passed Resolution 87-12 To Support the Park Bond Capital Improvements Proposal  Resolution
August 5 87-11 Passed Resolution 87-11 To Authorize Receipt and Administration of a Federal Action Drug Abuse Prevention Grant Resolution
July 29 87-10 Passed Resolution 87-10 A Resolution Waiving Current Payments in Lieu of Taxes by the Bloomington Housing Authority Resolution
July 15 87-09 Passed Resolution 87-09 To Approve a Relocation of Durkin Plastics, Inc. for Industrial Incentive Loan Fund  Resolution
- - - 87-08 Passed Resolution 87-08 Encomium for Frona Powell - - -
May 6 87-07 Passed Resolution 87-07 To Approve and Authorize Execution of an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement Between the City of Bloomington and the Bloomington Public Transportation Corporation Resolution
June 3 87-06 Passed Resolution 87-06 To Authorize Use of the Special Non-Reverting Improvement Fund Resolution
April 15 87-05 Passed Resolution 87-05 To Confirm Resolution 87-4 Which Designated the Property Located at 116 South Walnut Street Including Two Alleys as Described in the Application as an "Economic Revitalization Area"  Resolution
April 1 87-04 Passed Resolution 87-04 To Designate the Property Located at 116 South Walnut Street (and two vacated alleys) as an Economic Revitalization Area (CFC, Inc., Petitioner) Resolution
March 4 87-03 Passed Resolution 87-03 To Approve Applications of the Federal Section 8 Housing Provisions to the Bloomington Housing Authority  Resolution
March 4 87-02 Passed Resolution 87-02 To Approve Procedures and Criteria for Public Right of Way Vacations by the Common Council  Resolution
March 4 87-01 Passed Resolution 87-01 Recommendations of Mayor for Distribution of Community Development Funds Resolution