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SUPPORTING MARRIAGE EQUALITY IN INDIANA (Opposing House Joint Resolution No. 6 and Calling for Repeal of Indiana Code §31-11-1-1)

This resolution is sponsored by Councilmembers Susan Sandberg, Darryl Neher, and Tim Mayer. The resolution calls for marriage equality in Indiana, by both rejecting the proposed amendment to the Indiana Constitution, known as HJR-6, and by repealing Indiana’s statutory prohibition of same-sex marriage. Asserting that marriage equality is a fundamental civil and human right, the resolution documents the systemic harms of marriage inequality and the overwhelming benefits of marriage equality. The resolution finds that a ban on same-sex marriage threatens Bloomington’s economic vibrancy, harms same-sex families who call Bloomington home, and is antithetical to our community’s commitment to inclusiveness. The resolution calls upon all members of the Bloomington community to support marriage equality and for the Bloomington City Clerk to send a copy of this resolution to members of the Indiana General Assembly representing Bloomington, to the Governor of Indiana, and to the Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce.

Amends CodeNo
Final 2013-12-04 Passed 9-0