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To Amend Resolution 18-05 Which Approved an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement Between the City of Bloomington and Monroe County, Indiana Regarding Building Code Authority (To Reconcile Two Versions of the Agreement)

This resolution amends Resolution 18-05 to reconcile two versions of the interlocal agreement with Monroe County regarding the combining and coordinating of certain building code services. One version was approved by the Common Council by adoption of Resolution 18-05 in mid-March and the second version was approved by the County Commissioners later that month, just days before the existing agreement was to expire. The City of Bloomington and Monroe County have cooperated regarding the provision of these services for well over a decade and the major difference between these two agreements is that the version approved by the County would expire at the beginning of 2019 and the version approved by the City would expire at the end of that year. This resolution adopts the version of the agreement approved by Monroe County. Note: The resolution was revised after it was distributed in the weekly Council Legislative Packet and introduced at the Regular Session. The revision corrected reference to the City in the Synopsis.

Amends CodeNo
Final 2018-05-02 pass 9-0