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To Modify and Confirm Resolution 18-09 Which Designated an Economic Revitalization Area, Approved a Statement of Benefits, and Authorized Periods of Abatement for Real Property Improvements – Re: Property Located at 1107 West 3rd Street and Identified by the Monroe County Parcel ID Number 53-08-05-200-044.00-009 (Milestone Ventures, LLC, Petitioner)

This resolution modifies and confirms Resolution 18-09, and designates one parcel owned by Milestone Ventures, LLC, on West 3rd Street as an Economic Revitalization Area (ERA). This designation was recommended by the Economic Development Commission and will enable the proposed residential redevelopment project to be eligible for tax abatement. The resolution also authorizes a ten-year period of abatement for real property improvements and sets its deduction schedule. Note: This resolution was modified by Am 01 to require that in years 31-99, at least 2 of the 2- or 3-bedroom units shall be affordable for this period.

Amends CodeNo
Final 2018-06-27 pass 9-0