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Approving the Issuance of City of Bloomington, Indiana Park District Bonds, Series 2018A in an Amount Not to Exceed Three Million Four Hundred Thirty-Five Thousand Dollars to Finance the Costs of Capital Improvements at Certain Park Facilities and Costs Incurred in Connection with the Issuance of Such Bonds

This resolution takes one of statutory steps necessary to approve the issuance of bonds by the City of Bloomington Parks District under Indiana Code § 36-10-4-35 and § 6-1.1-17-20.5 in order to finance certain capital improvements at facilities operated by the City of Bloomington Parks Department including the design, acquisition and construction of (i) improvements along 7th Street Greenway, including bike lanes, a greenway trail, multi-use paths from the B-Line Trail to Woodlawn, and Union to the State Road 45/46 Bypass, (ii) trails and land acquisition for easements along the RCA/Power Line trail, and (iii) all related and incidental expenses incurred in connection therewith, and the costs of selling and issuing the these bonds.

Amends CodeNo
Final 2018-10-31 pass 5-3