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South Atlantic Ocean

Case Date:

Some neighbors on Buttonwood Lane in Spicewood II (a sign is placed on Sare Road) have a coffee, baked goods sale every Sunday in their driveway. This has been going on for over 6 months. Doesn’t the kitchen have to be licensed? A week or 2 seemed ok but this is going on forever. I think a percentage of revenue goes to charity. ??

closed #175717

Excessive Growth

Case Date:

The house at 714 S High St hasn’t mowed the yard all season. It is a rental, I don’t know if anyone currently lives there.

closed #174284

Traffic Signals

Bloomington Country Club

Case Date:

Eastbound Tapp left turn to northbound Rogers sensor is malfunctioning. Left turn arrow is always on even if no cars present. Consistent every day this week early in morning when no one there

closed #174280

Blocked Sidewalk

1423 S Fenbrook LN

Case Date:

Please cut low hanging limb. We cleaned up rest of sidewalk.

closed #174203


Case Date:

Please fix trash cans

closed #173862

Street & Traffic Signs

914 S Meadowbrook Ave

Case Date:

We moved to Meadowbrook Dr this winter. All of our official documentation for the house had the street listed as Drive. Once we moved here, we saw several street signs say Meadowbrook Ave rather than Dr. The sign at Brighton says Drive. Just trying to figure out what is the official name of the street and could the signs be consistent?

closed #173861

Street & Traffic Signs

805 S Meadowbrook Ave

Case Date:

There is a tree at the southeast corner of Brighton and Meadowbrook Dr that obscures the view of south Meadowbrook drive.

closed #173794

Street & Traffic Signs

1417 S High St

Case Date:

Traffic light at high and hillside is not working. Light traveling south on high street is not working properly

closed #173533


Indiana University

Case Date:

Improper language chalked on Kirkwood Avenue in front of Bicycle Garage. Four letter word (FU&k)

closed #173265

City Construction Projects

Case Date:

Pot hole on Rogers road by Sherwood oaks church - dangerous! People are damaging their vehicles. Needs immediate action!