City of Bloomington, Indiana – John Hamilton, Mayor


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open #180435

Excessive Growth

Case Date:

e. 2nd btween rose and ? e. 2nd wooden walkway thick with poison ivy

open #180370

Blocked Sidewalk

Case Date:

sidewalk blocked by vegetation on both sides of rogers north of 11th st. this is on the southerb approach to the train bridge

closed #180071

Blocked Sidewalk

Case Date:

sidewalk on south side of 17th, just in front of trinorth. about 300ft east of the driveway onto 17th. ponded water still at 9:40pm. it stopped raining at 6:30p. much mud between here and the driveway cut. the sidewalk is obviously channelizing water. it is functioning as a culvert. thanks! good luck!

open #179540

Blocked Sidewalk

Case Date:

8th&rogers, northwest corner sidewalk is in the process of being torn up today. no ped detour or control of any kind. is this city work? is there an MOT? thanks!

closed #179456

Blocked Sidewalk

Case Date:

sidewalk blocked by Lime scooters in front of A Friend's Place shelter, repeatedly.

closed #179165

Water Utility Problems

Case Date:

just in case you don't already know...7th street just east of morton is wet 100% of the time for about a month now. probable water line leak. photo was last night. from where the ice ridge was a couple weeks ago, i suspect its in the center of the south (eastbound) lane about a third of the way up the hill towards college. roughly at 214 w 7th. thanks!!

closed #178645

Parking Meters and Citations

Case Date:

Rogers & Maker Way. Red car on sidewalk, two cars in crosswalk. thanks!

closed #178315


Case Date:

1205 n madison st. garbage bin routinely stored on sidewalk

closed #177849

Animal Control & Neglected Pets

Case Date:

deer carcass by sidewalk on west side of rogers st. just across from maker way. just north of b-line heights, 611 n rogers st. thanks!

open #177628

Blocked Sidewalk

Case Date:

sidewalk on west side of fairview st between 8th and 9th blocked by vegetation incl poison ivy. properties are 702 w 8th and 703 w 9th. thanks!