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Blocked Sidewalk

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Sidewalk about half blocked with vegetation. on the west side of college ave, just south of 14th street. blocked from about 100ft north of the train bridge to about 100ft south of it. It's supposed to be a nice wide sidewalk and it would be awesome if we could use the full width! thanks!

closed #184974

Blocked Sidewalk

Case Date:

NE corner of 11th&Rogers. sign blocking sidewalk. It's leftover from when Madison&Kinser was closed a few weeks ago. there's another one just like it about 700ft north, on the train bridge. thanks!! sorry if this is a dupe..

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Sidewalk & Curb Complaints

Case Date:

poison ivy on wooden walkway along 2nd and Rose. easily can affect pedestrisns or bicyclists. should be uprooted

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501 S Swain. trash on street.

closed #184316

Utilities Construction

Case Date:

water meter cover (??) missing on sidewalk on the west side of college, just north of the train bridge (about a block south of 14th st). trip hazard. not sure if it was removed for construction or what but it's been gone for about a month. thanks!

closed #184070

Potholes, Other Street Repair

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depression in bike lane on 3rd st about 150ft west of fess. at the bus stop. its pretty scary and its been there a year at least but I don't know if its ever been reported? it seems like the asphalt is unsupported and sagging because of an erosion issue. thanks!

closed #184035

Traffic Signals

Case Date:

signal at smith ave and walnut (by chocolate moose) has a bunch of bike & ped problems. It's not generally possible for me to get a green light to cross walnut by bike (is the bike sensor supposed to work? it doesn't). this morning, we got a green light but it only lasted 2 seconds! this is supposed to be a greenway! i am trying to get two kids across! also, the north south crosswalk signals (parallel to walnut) are generally red DONT WALK even when walnut's car signals are green. its been screwed up one way or the other for about 9 months, but it worked fine (recall mode for east-west traffic) last summer, at least at 8:30am and 4:30pm. anyways I'm teaching my 9 and 11 year olds the illegal idaho stop light and i wish i wasn't!!

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Blocked Sidewalk

Case Date:

truck and trailer fully blocking sidewalk on west side of N rogers at 10th st (just north of B-line). truck says JDH, they're installing fiber for the city (not AEG) to connect the BDU to Fairview elem and Butler park. they have an MOT in the jan 17 BPW packet. this location isn't on it? and anyways they closed the sidewalk on this busy road at morning rush when my kids were walking to school (fairview). thanks!

closed #182968

Parking Meters and Citations

Case Date:

good morning. 1119 N madison, they park blocking the sidewalk. they have way too many cars but they could fit them all if they tried... which they don't. its a chronic condition, every day. lic plate 258ZSF. thanks!!

closed #182374

Water Utility Problems

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water meter at 1003 n madison (my neighbor) lost its antenna hat, i think from snow clearance activities. since its actually in the sidewalk, it sees more abuse than a lot of others. I've noticed all-plastic lids on some around town so i figure you guys must have a procedure for this sort of location. just wanted to let you know before it gets super cold again. thanks!