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Does the city have employee resource groups? Is the LGBT one organizing any Pride events next month if so?

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Unsafe Buildings

907 W 7th ST

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Can the mayor or risk management or the lawyers or human resources please explain what safety policies are? Who is in charge of the virus response? A coworker in another department told me yesterday that city workers are to wear masks now if around others, but our director isn't and coworkers aren't. We all are supposed to have cloth masks aren't we? Everything is super unclear or not followed. Who is even supposed to be at work? And definitely most folks walking around aren't masked it doesn't sound like. Can a mass email go out? Or an online meeting or something?

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Website & Web Services Feedback

1419 E Elliston DR

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This South Carolina town has produced these very inexpensive masks and are handing them out for free. They are based on IU professor and Bloomington resident Jiangmei Wu's free origami design. They can be easily assembled by the user using rubber bands and are made of paper. Something for Bloomington to think about doing. Thank you. Ron Day https://www.foxcarolina.com/news/free-mask-drive-thru-being-offered-in-trailblazer-park-pavilion-this-week-city-of-travelers/article_26c8e2b4-7d06-11ea-b0eb-7fb1cb0c764f.html?fbclid=IwAR1rSXMSSUSSucaT6j4RamfvbdirZ0vGGcmr8t0p5JPW1JNZXTdNl-qmbfE

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Website & Web Services Feedback

1601 S Dorchester DR

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How to fill out the applications for the job I want?

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http://indiana105.com/region-news/governor-signs-new-parental-leave-policy-for-state-employees/ Does this impact City employees? If not, will the City be implementing its own similar parental/adoption policy? I'm surprised one does not yet exist. At least my understanding is there is no more than required FMLA. Thank you for the information.

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Follow-up to previously sent Resume; due to inability to EM the required information to apply for the Dispatcher positions.