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1520 E Maxwell LN

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I believe that there is at least 10 people living at this large house. I constantly drive past and see all of the cars parked along the left side of their house and it is at least 4 cars daily not including the cars in their driveway!

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Marilyn and High Street on a utility box, divisive graffiti in red spray paint facing High Street

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Another homeless encampment set up off of Fairview Street and Grimes Street

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Just witnessed a small explosion on the power line right outside my apartment, with a momentary loss of power. The coordinates of the power line in question is 39.17381° N, 86.53411° W.

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Request a new Street Light

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Light pole at corner of third and indiana has been struck multiple times. It is partially severed at base. It appears to be held up because it is leaning against a tree. A strong wind or a good shove would probably knock it over. I considered 911 but think it can wait until Monday.

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Homeless encampment on Grimes Lane near New Hope shelter

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Street Lights

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Clarizz blvd near the woods at latimer and grove at latimer is extremely dark and needs street lights added, there are no lights by the public bus stops and I’ve been turning my phone flashlight on when crossing the street because I’m not visible otherwise

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Nuisance Lights

1919 S Locust CT

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The street light across from our house is green. Is there a problem with this light? Is is not very bright either. Thanks.

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623 W Smith AVE

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Hello, Barry, wanted to let you know that Kayla Drake used my name and disguised herself as ISP stole all that money paid to torment me all night and it’s my understanding both of my children were hurt possibly gravely and still no arrest.

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My kids are caught up in the midst of what i would call "legal" kidnapping. Currently, they are in the Care of DCS (ELIJAH KNEPPER is my case worker) , who objected to my daughter having a forensic interview at Suzies Place following some concerning actions that led me to believe she was being sexually abused. she is four. DCS lied to me about the disclosures she made. they lied about it in court. and they are continueing to allow the person who allegedly touched her to continue seeing her. The dcs case is paid for and entirely frivilous. after my daughters forensic interview a hearing was held in which they modified her fathers visitation to supervised in an emergency modification hearing, but they claimed the reason was because he let me visit my kids on one of his visits. But really it was because he molested our daughter. I CAN LITERALLY PROVE EVERY SINGLE THING IM SAYING and whats crazy is NO ONE CAN DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT because i have called literally EVERYONE UP TO THE WHITE HOUSE and WHY IS THIS STILL A THING. GET ME MY CHILDREN HOME SAFE!!!! OR A PAID ATTORNEY LIKE YESTERDAY. Placement for my kids paid 12 thousand dollars for an attorney, Kendra Gjerdingen, who advised them the only legal way to take my kids was by means of a dcs case. they then set me up to be arrested, for a phony OWI and i havent seen my kids in 12 weeks. Placement also paid for the attorney representing DCS. SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE has to care that this is how our CHILDREN ARE TRAFFICKED AND MINE ARE NOT FOR SALE. Thanks for reading.