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2305 S Bryan ST

Case Date:

There is a growing encampment of unhoused people behind my neighbor's property. Cars now park on the street to unload people and equipment regularly. The most recent incident occurred on Dec 8, 2023 at around 1:30pm. The car that dropped off people and supplies had an Indiana license plate of VE9322. People walked down my neighbor's driveway and through her yard to access the encampment. I assume this is trespassing and would like to report this incident.

open #186347

Animal Control & Neglected Pets

1030 W Ralston DR

Case Date:

Dog left outside 24/7, always barking

closed #186231


2505 S Camden DR

Case Date:

Employees in a security vehicle patrolling the Bline trail were smoking in the vehicle while driving through Switchyard Park. This seems like a lapse in oversight and resulted in negatively impacting the experience visiting the park.

closed #186209


2503 S Camden DR

Case Date:

There is a person passed out in this location

closed #186205

Fire Hazards

2303 S Rockport RD

Case Date:

Burning a lot of wood in open fire outside.

open #186111


816 W Cherokee DR

Case Date:

Well past city quiet hours, either IMEI or Catalent are running equipment that beeps so loudly I can hear it from inside my home. During the day, this is expected and understood since I chose to purchase a home near these businesses. However, regularly at 11pm on a Wednesday or 3am on a Monday, I am either kept awake or woken up by consistent and constant beeping. I am not sure what the City can do to enforce quiet hours upon businesses but it would be really great if something could be done.

closed #186089


400 W Jed ST

Case Date:

Both Joy and Je d Streets have a number of yards with trash all about, not picked up for a couple of weeks

closed #186055

Potholes, Other Street Repair

403 W Graham DR

Case Date:

Lots of large potholes along road at 400 block. And a single large pot hole at the intersection of Graham and Bryan St.

closed #185826

Animal Control & Neglected Pets

2314 S Madison ST

Case Date:

There is a tan dog that belongs to the house at the corner of S. Madison St. and Coolidge Dr. It is outside of the house, unleashed at least 2-3 times a week. The dog is sometimes aggressive to pedestrians and cyclists who pass by the house. I bike to work a couple of times a week and it has followed me for a couple of blocks and growls. I have seen it growl and chase pedestrians. I have tried talking to one of the individuals that lives there about the animal and they just became upset at me. The dog sometimes wanders off their property and down the half of the block into my yard and into my and my neighbor's yards. They send their middle school aged daughter down the street to get the animal and she comes into other peoples yards and back yards to get the animal. The dog does not come to her so just ends up chasing it back home. This has been taking place all summer since late May/early June.

closed #185798

Blocked Sidewalk

2400 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

Blocking sidewalk making it dangerous for pedestrians.