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open #186354


206 E 16th ST

Case Date:

Our recycling has not been picked up after meeting all requirements and have caught the collector opening the recycling looking at it then taking a peice out to make it look like we were overflowing then turns the can sideways so they do not pick it up. We have camera evidence as well.

open #186287

Water Utility Billing Problems

214 E 15th ST

Case Date:

Two most recent bills have charged us for using 4,000-5,000 gallons of water, and therefore charging roughly $100. The bill for September was $106.42 and the bill for October was $93.15. This is for a two-person house that uses the same, if not less, of an average amount of water per month. I called customer service after the first bill, but the lady I spoke with was not very helpful and recommended we wait until our next bill. According to her sources, any leakage or problem that resulted in such a high bill seemingly "fixed itself" and she did not provide any other alternatives. Come to find out that the next bill is just as high and we have no choice but to pay (again) with no resolutions. Apparently, Bloomington Utilities does not provide any services to check for any leaks or problems.

closed #186275

Potholes, Other Street Repair

1212 N Grant ST

Case Date:

The alley to the north of 1212 N Grant has several very large pot holes

closed #185699

Biking & Walking

1100 N Walnut ST

Case Date:

This is a continuation of #185394, which was never resolved - because their is still a significant amount of construction debris in the bicycle lane. That ticket and this ticket have the same address at the top.

closed #185394

Blocked Street

1100 N Walnut ST

Case Date:

A construction sign is completely blocking the bicycle lane on a very busy street with speeding drivers. The sign was originally used to warn about road construction. But that construction was complete more than a week ago. All of the past week the lane has still been blocked. Why does the city not fine the contractor for this negligence? The contractor also left a significant about of debris in the bicycle lane between the sign and 17th street. Why does this happen? Does the city really care about bicycle safety?

closed #185042

Traffic Suggestions

201 E Brownstone DR

Case Date:

Is there a way to level Allen St from the stop sign back about 50 feet at the Bloomfield Rd intersection? The slope causes accidents and near accidents. We've had 3 cars in our yard since we've been there. We've had to fix up the chain link fence best we could. In 2 situations, our gas meter was hit, which is a serious hazard. Alternatively, could Bloomfield Rd be made inaccessible from Allen St (either a one way or block it off)? Thank you for reading this. Sincerely, Theo

closed #184939

Animal Control & Neglected Pets

190 E Brownstone DR

Case Date:

There is a coyote family living in the woods by the RR. There is a mother and at least two pups. They seem to hang out directly north of 127 E. 12th on the south side of the tracks. They come out in the evenings and early mornings and maybe all night long and run around the neighborhood. Does the city ever trap and relocate wild animals that are potentially dangerous? We don't want them killed, just would rather they live somewhere else.

closed #184741


1200 N Lincoln ST

Case Date:

closed #184643


1106 N Dunn ST

Case Date:

Trash can overturned with trash all over the ground.

closed #184561

Unsafe Buildings

432 E Brownstone DR

Case Date:

The security fence set up to hinder people from crossing RR property at Dunn has been cut through and people are now walking across, even when the train is coming. This necessitates the train conductors to blow their horns loudly to clear the tracks at this location when they pass by (at all hours). When "The Standard" is full of 1000+ entitled undergraduates, they will likely all use this passage to make their lives easier. Who is actually responsible for maintaining the wall/fencing that blocks illegal and dangerous crossing of the tracks stretching from Walnut to Indiana Avenues? It was not so bad when Brownstone was still there, but since the beginning of the "Standard" construction project (that has been going on sporadically for two years now), the barrier has slowly degraded. Is this a matter for the police or the "Standard" property owners or the City or the adjacent property owners? We fear that there will be a high rate of late-night, drunken crossings coupled with the likely concomitant periodic deaths if something is not done about this. Does Bloomington rally want to continue to be known for a place that allows (encourages) dangerous and unhealthy behavior? It's bad enough that scooters are allowed (how many deaths have they caused so far?) - does the City now want there to be regular RR accidents that result in beheadings, or worse?