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City Performance

205 E 14th ST

Case Date:

I had previously submitted ureport 180261 complaining about the state of E 14th St. It was closed out with a vague message that it'd be resurfaced "later this month". I realize it is still June and it may still get repaired, but the road has just continued to get worse and worse. The dust is ridiculous. I'm not sure if anyone at the city understands that days matter. Even if it is resurfaced next week, it is still several weeks past due. Has anyone at the city even driven down it??! I also happened to read that the same developer that turned 14th St into a gravel road is now the same developer who has messed up the intersection of 17th and Walnut. I can hardly believe that anyone would allow them to do more work on city roads when they clearly don't care at all about repairing other work they've done.

closed #180261

Potholes, Other Street Repair

205 E 14th ST

Case Date:

I made the mistake of driving down 14th St at the new development today when I saw it was open. I cannot believe that the city allows something like this to exist! I have never seen a road in such bad condition within the city and it is upsetting that we continue to allow this to happen.

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110 N Lincoln St, Bloomington, IN 47408, USA

Case Date:

I lost my wallet which contains my ID, driver license, credit and debit cards and most important of all a written copy of my social security number. I hope this does not come to bite my butt. I know I likely not get it back that is ok but if they use my social I would like this to be on record for me to get another one. So sorry if this causes issues later on. But I lost the wallet april 28, at around 4 or 8pm I realized i lost it at around 10pm. The theft used my card to make a purchase at chipotle. thats the last I know about it. Thank you and have a great day.

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City Construction Projects

214 E 15th ST

Case Date:

Construction site utilizing alleyway creating potholes and divots

closed #179074


212 E 15th ST

Case Date:

open #179015

Blocked Street

438 E Brownstone DR

Case Date:

Construction and deliveries blocking parts of 14-13th streets and Dunn. In one instance a semi trailer was blocking Dunn and there was just one guy with no sign *kinda* directing traffic.

closed #177540


313 E 16th ST

Case Date:

Our recycling hasnt been picked up for 3 weeks now. It seems like our whole streets recycling is not being picked up. No notice was left on can.

closed #177399


312 E 16th ST

Case Date:

My recycling was not picked up. I did not have anything that is not allowed. No milk cartons, pizza boxes or styrofoam containers. Please direct me to a list of items not allowed. I would like to know why it wasn't picked up.

closed #177398

Street Lights

408 E 16th ST

Case Date:

The street light at/near this address is not working.

closed #176823


105 E 16th ST

Case Date:

trash strewn in front of house and on property