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open #180455


902 S Maxwell TER

Case Date:

Dumpsters at complex are full and overflowing. Rats have been sighted

closed #180255

Drainage or Runoff

1406 S Nancy ST

Case Date:

The drainage between 1406 and 1404 S. Nancy is extremely backed up with debris

closed #180114

Excessive Growth

1520 E Maxwell LN

Case Date:

not mowed

closed #178662


1709 E Circle DR

Case Date:

Lots of trash at this address.

closed #178553

Potholes, Other Street Repair

1917 E Ruby LN

Case Date:

Accessibility Issue: Potholes, torn up street, difficult for wheelchairs to navigate around this and there are two people who have wheelchairs that have to do it regularly.

closed #178092

Debris Removal

1901 E Ruby LN

Case Date:

Paint flakes from the live burn, on the driveway, yard, and patio. Spans about half-a-mile, and the neighbor has tested it and found that there is lead in the flakes.

closed #178089

Fire Hazards

1104 S Covenanter DR

Case Date:

I am very concerned about this deliberate house burn at 1213 S. High Street. The burn is happening now as I write to you and I went outside to look at it and there is so much paint debris and soot on our property and on our house. It is covering our solar panels and I am seriously concerned about this as I am a two time cancer survivor and need to breathe this unnecessary toxic fumes. Will the city clean up this mess that the fire has caused on our property? I don't know why I should clean this mess that probably includes lead in the paint ans is unhealthy to breathe in. I decided to go inside so I don't have to breathe the toxic fumes regarding the burn. Who agreed to this burn that is happening in a very busy residential area? I thought the City Council and the mayor were very concerned about having Bloomington be green and thinking of the environment. This deliberate burn is not healthy for the atmosphere nor the residents who live nearby and have to breathe this toxic air. It just seems to be one thing after another that we have to deal with in regards to the city and their decision making and nothing favorable for us as city taxpayers. We would like somebody to clean up all the paint debris on our driveway and our solar panels. Ingrid Faber

open #177566

Blocked Street

1104 S Covenanter DR

Case Date:

We are sick and tired of the builder David Howard destroying our property and saying he will fix things and he never does. We have had to endure his horrible construction at 1110 S. Covenanter Drive for over two years now. He has damaged a garden block retainer wall and has said for over a year now that he would fix it. This is what he and his crew did to our front yard this morning. He said that we shouldn't worry because that is city property. Since the city will not install sidewalks in front of our house, we are the ones who are responsible for the maintenance on our grass and right now he has destroyed it and it looks like shit. We are sick and tired of dealing with him and having him promise to fix things that he destroys on our property. I have never dealt with such a crappy builder except Fatih Akin in 2012. Please advise what to do because this is unacceptable.

closed #177385

Water Quality

1104 S Covenanter DR

Case Date:

We have noticed that our water quality has been pretty awful the past couple of weeks. It tastes like algae/moldy and smells. We have never noticed our water quality this bad since we have lived in Bloomington the past 12 years and are concerned that there is something dangerously bad with our drinking water. Can this please be checked as we have residents who have health issues and don't need them to be aggravated due to bad water. Thank you.

closed #176933

Website & Web Services Feedback

2001 E Marilyn DR

Case Date:

Last night - around 8:00PM there was a drone flying and then stopping above our house for about a 15 minute period. Cannot I find out who this was and what the nature of the data collection was?