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Blocked Street

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And apparently the workers of 186081 uReport have now blown up a water line in my front yard, as a neighbor sent me a picture of a geyser taller than my house. Great, just great. I'll survey for damages when home, which appear likely, but CBU is on-scene I am told. There needs to be additional accountability for the constant stream of contractors and their subcontractors constantly on property in recent years, with many contractors simply pushing blame that it wasn't "them" but their subs. This same group was using my side yard to store plastic recently, not part of any easement.

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Blocked Street

3205 W 45, Bloomington, IN 47403, USA

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Someone throw lots of water bottles near Sam club traffic be mess soon

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Blocked Street

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street drain in front of 1309 South Lincoln is completely blocked and has been for Years..literally.. I could post a photo but don't know where to send it..A few years ago I reported this and the Department said they didn't see a problem.. THe water backs up over the sidewalk.. Obviously there is a problem..The puddle is about 40 feet wide and out into the street almost to the center

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Blocked Street

517 E Lakewood DR

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There is a vine that has been hanging down onto Dunn street, just South of the dam/water treatment plant area, for several weeks. It hits my windshield practically every time I drive South on Dunn Street (unless I remember to move to middle of street to avoid it). Please cut the vine so it doesn't hang into the street.