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Debris Removal

994 S Baldwin DR

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Can the south side of Fields Drive/South Fenbrook Lane be cleared of the natural debris in the road’s gutter? This debris continues in the road gutter all the way eastward to South Smith Road. This area was bush-hogged by the City earlier this month, leaving leaves, twigs, dirt and cut branches in the gutter. During a recent heavy rain this caused drainage problems as water runoff toward the storm sewer drain was blocked. Thank you.

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Debris Removal

1104 S Covenanter DR

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Due to the storm on Friday night we have a lot of run off rock and old concrete from the ditches above our house on Ruby and Covenanter. Since we are the last house where the ditches turn, we get all of the debris. Can someone from the city please come and clean up our ditch (with the truck that sucks up rocks, etc.)along Ruby and Covenanter? Our front lawn grass is full of rock and mud from the flow of water on Friday night. We don't want the city to dig up our grass...we would just like them to suck up the sand, rock and black top debris in our ditches and culverts. Thank you. Sincerely, Ingrid 1104 S. Covenanter Drive

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Debris Removal

1908 E Viva DR

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As a neighborhood, we are requesting that the drain pipes (driveway culverts) be cleaned out so storm water has a place to drain.

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Debris Removal

3420 E Adair LN

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Not sure if this is private property or part of the green belt along Clarizz but trash is everywhere and there is a large body of untreated water ready to fester with rising temperatures.