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Water Utility Problems

1006 E Heather DR

Case Date:

My water bill seems higher than usual. Is there a way to check if I have a leak or issue with my meter?

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Water Utility Problems

2701 S Madison ST

Case Date:

Water has been shut off because of large outstanding balance. This is a rental property and the landlord refuses to address the situation and tenant is left without water. The large outstanding balance is due to a water line break.

open #185217

Water Utility Problems

3931 S Cramer CIR

Case Date:

Turn water on!! Property is being sold.

closed #185099

Water Utility Problems

1312 S Lincoln ST

Case Date:

My water utility bill has been paid and I still have yet to get my water cut on. It’s been two days now. Me and my roommates are in school and we are in need of washing ourselves and our clothes. Please make this an urgent matter. With kindness, AG

closed #182417

Water Utility Problems

1834 E 3rd ST

Case Date:

Water pipe froze and busted over winter break. IU real estate said to let you know so adjustments can be made.

closed #182221

Water Utility Billing Problems

2356 S Burberry LN

Case Date:

Our water bill has been extremely high ever since we have moved in due to water leak and running water. About a week ago the city of Bloomington came out and fixed our system outside of our home. When I called the receptionist said our December bill looked normal but our previous bills are not normal. We should have a 0 balance and some type of credit on our account after paying hundreds of dollars for the past few months. Now we are receiving a disconnect notice after just paying 200$.

closed #174609

Water Utility Problems

249 W Church LN

Case Date:

We have no water coming to our house

closed #173230

Water Utility Billing Problems

1720 E Devon LN

Case Date:

My utility bill for account 7559-002 for period 06/01/2020 to 07/07/202 shows water usage of 82000 gallons. In all previous periods for the year, the usage never exceeded 4000 gallons. There were only three people living in the house during this latest billing period. A new water meter was installed during this billing period by your company. There appears to be a problem here. There is no way the water usage being charged for was actually used.

closed #171937

Website & Web Services Feedback

3611 S Bainbridge DR

Case Date:

water bill

closed #171587

Water Utility Billing Problems

3941 S Bushmill DR

Case Date:

Ever since utility update work has been done to digital reading, water bill went up. Water bill used to be less than $50. Now it’s over $100. I need someone to come and identify what the problem is. 3941 S Bushmill Dr. Bloomington,In 47403