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Water Utility Problems


Case Date:

hydrant hit water spraying

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Water Utility Billing Problems

5475 S Fairfax RD

Case Date:

Customer was very upset that his water usage has increased so dramatically. I explained the usage period, insp. results, etc. He was insistent that the changing of the meter had damaged his toilet (by allowing air to get into the lines). He stated that he planned to contact his atty. I referred him to Risk Mgmt. He did not wish to listen to any explanation regarding his usage. I printed out his account history and meter readings for him. I also contacted Ed S. regarding this matter.

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Water Utility Billing Problems

2005 S Yost AVE

Case Date:

Mr. David Randolph (of IIG, Inc.) stopped in to complain that his water was shut off due to delinquency on a $30.00 acct. The shutoff cost him over $600.00 in loss of production. Mr. Randolph stated the shutoff could potentially have cost him machinery of plus pose an environmental hazard.

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Water Quality

1969 S Henderson ST

Case Date:

Mr. Hamric came in on 7/8/98 and reported that the water he is using to put in the pool at Woodridge Condos at the Pointe is green. It has been green for 48 hours - no odor, no taste. This is a Southern Monroe customer, but he was advised to check with CBU because the water is purchased from us. The Monroe Co. Health Dept. has tested the water and cannot find cause.

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Water Quality

517 E Lakewood DR

Case Date:

Customer is experiencing yellow water. Water quality at customer's service is being affected by sediment stirred up by installation of new lines around Griffy Plant.

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Unsafe Buildings


Case Date:

House had fire a few months ago. Water pipe burst after that and flooded the basement. Basement door is not secured. House is very unsafe.

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Case Date:

Trash everywhere. Standing water. (Health Department came in with complaint)

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Sidewalk Snow Removal

1403 S Nancy ST

Case Date:

Would like to meet with you to look at this area in regards to any possible plans regarding the Storm water project.

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Sidewalk Snow Removal

508 W San Juan DR

Case Date:

CBU truck came out to clean out storm water sewer and piled up rubbish but did not remove rubbish.

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Sidewalk Snow Removal

1020 E Maxwell LN

Case Date:

See letter Stetson turned in. The neighbor at 1016 E. Maxwell Lane is constructing an entry off of Manor Road. They are filling in the drainage ditch with soil thereby blocking the water flow. Stetson feels that during the next rain this work could cause severe water damage to her basement