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closed #133925

Utilities Construction

7046 S Shields Ridge RD

Case Date:

Resident (Shawn Waylen?) at 7046 S. Shields Ridge Rd. reports that repairs are needed to yard and driveway. The new 36" water transmission pipeline was installed in this area.

closed #135139

Utilities Construction

700 E Winslow Farm DR

Case Date:

says her HOA is planning to remove a retention pond behind her house and install a water garden, she does not want this to happen.

closed #133758

Utilities Construction

6000 S Handy RD

Case Date:

Received voice message from James Eller, owner and resident of 6000 S. Handy Rd. Mr. Eller alleges that settlement occurred to his yard as a result of CBU's water transmission main project.

open #175260

Utilities Construction

2704 N Skyline DR

Case Date:

My neighbor John East told me that city surveyors were planning a project to renovate this storm drain system that flows from his yard in an open stream - through my yard which was tiled over at some point (I believe the city did this but cannot confirm). This system flows then into Cascades Park. There are a significant number of sunken areas along the path of this conduit in my yard - which has concerned me regarding the integrity of this pathway. I have had MUCH trouble with hydrostatic pressure along my basement foundation, and have not found a cause for this to date. Additionally, when the rain is hard enough, this system will back up into John's yard and the water will breach Skyline Dr. and flood my yard as well. I am looking for information about any plan for a project so that I can respond in time by moving perennials and manage expectations regarding disruption at the house from possible excavation and construction. Thank you. Sara Minard

open #177881

Utilities Construction

2210 E Ashwood CIR

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I am the homeowner and have recently built an attached sunroom with sinks at this address. I need to connect the water pipe from those sinks to the city sewer line, and so would like to request a detailed sewer line map of/around my property, if available. Thanks.