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closed #183334

Utility Construction Projects

2807 S Elizabeth CT

Case Date:

Gas utility dug up driveway and recently the new cement was put in but they left a large (heavy and immovable) clump on the lawn. Also the edge of the driveway is collecting water from the small ditch next to it they dug up. It’s been about a week now - I thought originally they might come back to take care of it.

closed #182748

Drainage or Runoff

1219 E Allendale DR

Case Date:

Can't get a photo to upload to uReport. There appears to be a minor water leak coming from under the edge of the asphalt at the corner of Bainbridge and Allendale. Curb has been holding water for a while and there seems to be a small but increasing flow.

closed #179532

Potholes, Other Street Repair

1022 S Grant ST

Case Date:

Our alley way floods when there are heavy floods. The neighbors who share this alley are concerned and ask for the city to assess this situation and find a solution. Please contact me for more information. One of the neighbors has a video to share of the water flow. Thanks

closed #179177

Drainage or Runoff

1570 W Edinburgh BND

Case Date:

We continue to have a flooding issue due to yard waste, leaves, seed pods, sand clogging up our street drain. I was up at 2:00 again this morning pulling the street drain that was again completely clogged so our garage did not get flooded. Water was almost to the garage. This has been a problem for many years and it has never been resolved. I have asked many times. MANY Times. I should not have to fear that if I am not home and it rains that there is a good chance we'll get water in our house because of our street drain is poorly designed based on the amount of debris that comes down our street. Would someone please finally address this issue.

closed #175094

Drainage or Runoff

1929 E Southdowns DR

Case Date:

173337 Our case number was closed. We don't know how this happened without anyone contacting us. Today, Mar 11 the flooding began again and reached the side of our houses. The drainage is not able to carry this amount of water away and needs to be addressed. Please contact us. Thanks

closed #175091

Blocked Sidewalk

1309 S Lincoln ST

Case Date:

It looks like the photo I'm trying to send may not be working.. but anyway.. In front of 1309 South Lincoln is a gutter that is NOT accepting water..the issue is NOT a plugged gutter at the street level because I have cleaned it out myself.. THis has been going on for YEARS and I've reported it twice..The city looked into it and said that there is no blockage,, but since the water backs up at Every rain, the something is obviously wrong..If you can't get a full street view from the photo I've sent with this message let me know where I can send an email with a photo attachment..Thanks.. Lee (I live at 1314 South Lincoln..)

closed #173567

Drainage or Runoff

521 S Fess AVE

Case Date:

There is an excessive amount of water flowing down South Fess down the street from my house. It has been flowing for at least 15 min now and appears to look like sewer water. It has not rained so it does not appear to be a result of that.

closed #172921

Drainage or Runoff

1432 S Winfield RD

Case Date:

Water flooding from main to street

closed #172699

Drainage or Runoff

3479 E Covenanter DR

Case Date:

There's a run off in our back yard the pools up with water whenever it rains and it typically takes days for the water to subside. We have deer and ducks that often stop by to take a dip in our back yard :-) This standing water concerns me for mosquitos and others pests. Additionally, the sitting water has started to erode the dirt around the concrete to the point to where I can no longer mow around the area. To the best of my knowledge this is not our property and I wonder if the city maintains these run offs. Is this something that the city can take care of? Thank you for your time.