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Blocked Sidewalk

320 W 8th ST

Case Date:

The Hunter foot path, between Eastside and Mitchell, which is maintained by the city, has a spring bubbling up through the pavement at the west end of the house at 500 Eastside Drive. You can see that the water is undercutting the pavement, and the city can expect that it will collapse in upon itself sooner or later. Hopefully, not when somebody is walking or biking over it.

closed #168498

Blocked Street

2115 S Summerwood CT

Case Date:

The city just repaved my cul-de-sac. They did not correct the drainage problem. The water is pooling in a large area. It is trapped and unable to drain to the other side where there is a curb drain.

closed #168276

Drainage or Runoff

808 S Whitley DR

Case Date:

This is across from 808 S Whitley Drive In Gentry Estates. It was taken last night. There is still standing water this morning.

closed #168410

Drainage or Runoff

1901-1915 E Windsor Dr, Bloomington, Indiana, 47401

Case Date:

1909 E. Windsor Dr, water leak in the street.

closed #168471

Drainage or Runoff

1245 W Countryside LN

Case Date:

Homeowner at 1251 W Countryside Ln contacted CBU Eng Dept on 5/9/19 @ 1:35pm regarding a drainage concern. Drainage ditch running between his home and the neighboring home to the West is holding water. He is concerned for public safety with mosquitos and such since the water is holding for long periods of time. He would like an Engineer to contact him and meet him on site to see what can be done to correct the problem. Tonia advised the homeowner that the Engineer was not back in the office until 5/13/19. He stated that he understood and that he did not have any immediate concerns about waiting until next week.

closed #168620

Drainage or Runoff

1300-1398 W 6th St, Bloomington, Indiana, 47404

Case Date:

There's a storm sewer that is blocked and causing water to run across the road and into our yard. The blockage is on the 1300 block of west 6th Street and our house is 1315 w 6th st

closed #168743

Drainage or Runoff

2001 E Marilyn DR

Case Date:

Location - 2001 East Marilyn Drive Issue - rain water is collecting and pooling in front of our home. We believe that it is caused by drainage system built on the "high" side of the road that is poorly engineered and inadequate for this area. Solution - we would like to discuss what it would take to get a curb with an inlet that would connect to the drainage system across the road.

closed #168997

Drainage or Runoff

2401-2453 S Brown Ave, Bloomington, Indiana, 47403

Case Date:

Water is coming up from under the street and sidewalk at Coolidge in front of the Broadview Learning Center

closed #169098

Drainage or Runoff

300-498 W 8th St, Bloomington, Indiana, 47404

Case Date:

I called last Sunday (the 9th) about (clay-colored) water coming up from under pavement and a roaring noise underneath in middle of 800 block of S. Park. Someone promptly came as I was driving out of town. I took this photo yesterday. Please let me know what more will be done. (I have learned that a stream flows under the street there.) Thanks!

closed #169150

Drainage or Runoff

301 W Grimes Ln, Bloomington, Indiana, 47403

Case Date:

Sediment is impeding/stopping flow of storm water runoff from our drive/parking lot into drainage swale. Storm water is backing up because of this into our drive/parking lot during rain events.