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closed #65067

Water Utility Billing Problems

603 W Wylie ST

Case Date:

Confusion regarding the Stecker's water bill has caused them distress and concern. Please clear up the situation. See letter.

closed #33824

Water Utility Billing Problems

413 S Highland AVE

Case Date:

Tenants rent property at 413 S. Highland. Landlord (K. Norbu) says high water bills are their responsibility. He did fix leaking stool, however.

closed #41661

Water Utility Billing Problems

3915 S Laurel CT

Case Date:

Ms. Hanner requested an adjustment on her bill. She was in Florida for Christmas. Unit in toilet tank broke and water ran for most of three weeks. Cost $58.73 to repair. Her water bill was $516.94. She wants an adjustment.

closed #40754

Water Utility Billing Problems

3247 S Walnut Springs DR

Case Date:

customer feels $54 charge is unfair. She signed to have the service turned on in advance but utilities was unable to leave the water on. She called on a saturday to have the water turned on. She feels if she had been more informed about make sure all faucets needed to be off and the possibility of a problem this could have been avoided. The letter has been forwarded to Administration.

closed #41911

Water Utility Billing Problems

3000 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

Letter rec'd. from Robert Jones, attorney, who represents Blgtn. Country Club (BCC). BCC wants to question increases in water & related charges. Have obtained assistance from Gary Kent to resolve this matter. Have not been able to receive requested information.

closed #38254

Water Utility Problems

2312 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

Letter states that water line broke and was damaging her property. Even though water line was not on her property, she repaired the problem and is now requesting reimbursement for the repair bill.

closed #38054


1725 E Hunter AVE

Case Date:

Phyllis & Samuel Guskin wrote re. 1725 E. Hunter Ave. They want to object to a request to subdivide existing single family residential lot at 1900 Atwater. They feel that the land is unsuitable for development because it appears to be a sinkhole. They also feel that the water retention needs should be addressed before any development is permitted. Letter was received by Util. Dept. but referred to COB Planning Dept.

closed #37924

Water Utility Billing Problems

1708 S Olive ST

Case Date:

Letter rec'd. from Jackie Bowman Helton requesting appeal by USB Admin. Subcommittee on charges on her account for 1323 W. 8th St. She had a leak in the stool and feels she should not be responsible for water bill due to leak.

closed #100085

Water Utility Billing Problems

1026 E 1st ST

Case Date:

Customer had new stool installed but had to leave in a hurry. Apparently, stool did not shut off. Customer wants adjustment made on water bill.