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City Performance

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The water company is a monopoly that runs itself like its the 4th Reich. They offer zero assistance or help, unless your unemployed and not trying to better yourself at all. If you just quit on life and being productive, then the city helps you. If your a hardworking man, that fell on hard times due in no fault to himself, that guy can kick rocks. His only option is to pay his bill in full or else. The water company actually put a lien for 200 bucks against a paid for home worth 225,000! My family has had 3 or 4 generations of perfect bill paying with water company. Just my gma, dad, mom, aunts and uncles have paid city of bloomington water for well over 250 yrs combined, and that garners you zero good will or even common courtesy. They can't even acknowledge they're screwing you over and be polite. They know they're the only game in town so they treat people like crap and it's not ok.

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Website & Web Services Feedback

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Re: Communication about Boil Water Alert for 7th St., 9/6/21. I did not know that there was a boil water alert for my street until, by accident, I found out about it. I'm even signed up for alerts from Monroe County, but I never received one. If you're new to Btown or even if you're not and you've never encountered a boil water alert or even if you have--if you don't know about the Monroe Cty. alert system or if that doesn't work well (I couldn't even find the alert on the Co. website), or you can't manage digital stuff, there's no way you'd be prompted to check for an alert, and that could have serious health consequences. In this time of public health crises and awareness, that's critical. Please implement an effective communications system as soon as possible so that all residents are sure to be alerted and can protect their health. Thank you.

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Drainage or Runoff

112 W 6th St

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7-20-2020: Second major flooding in Vance Music due to rainwater: Alleywork by City (install a water line?), water filters through alley surface patch, floods basement. This time, CFC Properties notified us their basement flooded as well. Alley needs resolution, Vance Music has lost property. Olympus will need to assess any structural damage due to water infiltration. Please advise.