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closed #186434

Utilities Construction

711 E Cottage Grove AVE

Case Date:

SE corner of lot just west of alley and close to the sidewalk there is a medium-sized, water-meter pit that is uncovered. Lid is not around, apparently. Dangerous trip hazard at night, and animals could fall in.

closed #185543

Water Utility Problems

315 E 7th ST

Case Date:

There is water leaking onto the street from the water line

closed #182336

Water Utility Problems

309 E 7th ST

Case Date:

Dear City, I need to have my water turned back on - today if possible. Thank you!

closed #181387

Water Utility Billing Problems

416 E 12th ST

Case Date:

We were overcharged for water this month. The SA Customer Portal Dashboard says we consumed 1,774 gallons of water from August 2-September 1, and the bill claims we consumed 3,000 gallons.

closed #181274

Water Quality

309 N Indiana AVE

Case Date:

The water in this building has a very strong sewage smell. I understand hard water and mineral smell and taste but the smell of this water is concerning.

open #178602

Water Utility Problems

425 E Kirkwood AVE

Case Date:

This building has a water leak in the main supply in the pit in front of the building. It is has been reported by fire inspection company while looking into repair of their line. It is believed to be before the meter and on the city side.

closed #176278

Potholes, Other Street Repair

517 E Kirkwood AVE

Case Date:

the street storm drain behind the Von Lee building was clogged on Friday night and Saturday morning 6-18 to 6-19-21. This caused water to not flow into the drain and considerable damage to cars and property in the surrounding area. On Saturday morning at around 7:30am I was able to unclog the drain. At the time water was up to just below my knee which is about 20 inches. A car was abandon by the drain and later towed by a local towing company. My property which is 507 east Kirkwood Ave. sustained damage as well as the IU business lobby just east of the drain in the von lee building. This drain should be change to a more clog proof type. This has happened in the past and will in the future

closed #174922

Water Utility Problems

221 E 6th ST

Case Date:

No water

closed #173352

Water Quality

416 E Cottage Grove AVE

Case Date:

Lack of hot water

closed #173023


315 E 8th ST

Case Date:

Sewage keeps backing up in our bathtub - smells terrible, toilet doesnt flush when this happens and cant be used. Standing water on the floor/carpet. These issues keep happening and the apartment complex says that they fix it and then it happens again. This time maintenance said it is an airconditioning unit. I can explain more if you can call me. Thank you!