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closed #188293

Animal Control & Neglected Pets

807 S Morton ST

Case Date:

Unit 4 is deer feeding by intentionally leaving unattended bird seed and water out on her back porch, unit 4 at 807 S Morton. It has already attracted rats.

closed #188036

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

723 W Allen ST

Case Date:

Neighbor is pumping his basement water 24 /7 onto property line flooding my backyard. Is this illegal?

closed #181452

Water Quality

922 S Morton ST

Case Date:

Terrible water taste affecting our business

closed #177460

Water Quality

1405 S Madison ST

Case Date:

As of Tuesday, our water in our house has started to smell and taste strange, a mix between a musty and a chemical smell. It is really noticeable, and I'm concerned that something has happened that has made our water unsafe to drink suddenly. I would love for someone to come test the water or investigate this issue further as soon as possible. Thank you!

closed #176538

Potholes, Other Street Repair

1101 S Madison ST

Case Date:

Huge dip in Madison street causes water to pool in my yard and in front of our house. There needs to be a drain, or water will continue to pool in my yard and flood my driveway. This issue has continued to get worse.

closed #175956

Potholes, Other Street Repair

832 W Wylie ST

Case Date:

Water meter cover in the middle of the street needs replacing. It's broken and you could trip in it if you're not careful

closed #175004


1112 1/2 S Fairview ST

Case Date:

Homeless camp with massive amounts of waste / garbage. Unsafe for the homeless and unsafe for ground water and nearby stream. Please address asap.

closed #171868


1306 S Madison ST

Case Date:

1310 Multiple (~10) painted tires piled in the yard. There is an ordinance to prevent this due to the toxins released into our water system by decaying tires.

closed #171529

Water Utility Problems

1000 S Madison ST

Case Date:

The riser is damaged on our water meter pit at 1000 S. Madison. We called you guys about it several months ago (3 or 4). We were told it would be addressed asap and a CBU safety leg frame was put up over it (see attached photo). However, nothing has been done since and this is a bit of an eye sore. Will you please schedule someone to either come repair this or to just come retrieve your leg frame, as I am not happy with how it looks in my yard. Thank you in advance for your help. ~Loren Wood loren@lorenwoodbuilders.com

closed #169432

Abandoned Vehicle

1313 S Madison ST

Case Date:

There is an old boat parked at 1313 South Madison Street. The last time this boat was registered to be on the lake was 2009. It has not moved since. The issue is that in addition to being an eyesore, it collects water and produces tons of mosquitos. We have asked the city to take care of this before but the neighbor said it was for sale, placed - a blank - for sale sign on it and it has continued to sit.