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Water Quality

2631 N Skyline DR

Case Date:

My water suddenly started having an orange tint. I notice when I was filling up my dog's water. The water went from clear, then changed to a light orange tint. I noticed around 9:00pm 11/8/2018

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Water Quality

3220 S Southern Oaks CT

Case Date:

The water tastes like they are using too much chlorine to treat it. What’s going on?

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Water Quality

3809 E St Remy DR

Case Date:

We are experiencing a fishy smell with our water from our tap, (showers, kitchen sink, washing machine). I’d say in the last week this has started.

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Water Quality

608 W Cherokee DR

Case Date:

I contacted James last week since our water was yellow/brown when turned hot. He said to let the water run for a few minutes then put water from each faucet, hot and cold, into 2 clear water jars, from each faucet. The color is still present, but the water is much clearer. What should I do next? My address is 812 West Cherokee Drive, Bloomington IN, 47403

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Water Quality

913 N College AVE

Case Date:

No water pressure

closed #169490

Water Quality

Rachael's Cafe

Case Date:

07-21 after the rain around 8:00pm, here in 300 E 3rd st. Water comes out with yellow colored and lots of dust like or dirt like things inside of the water. The neighborhood also face same problems.