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Water Utility Problems

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Hello, our water meter lid had a hole in it and seems to be sinking. We are trying to get our yard leveled and would like to know if the meter "pit" can be raised and the lid replaced. Thank you so much for your help. Our address is 3412 E. Olcott Boulevard if you need to go view the problem. Diana

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Water Utility Problems

512 S Jordan AVE

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Low water pressure at home (512 S Jordan). Possible to test at meter?

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Water Utility Problems

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my address 515 1/2 W Howe st. Bloomington 47403. I have recently noticed decreased water pressure at least half or more at all hours of the day. I have no leaks in my home and am unsure which meter is mine but it does not appear to be spinning. I am unsure of who to contact the city or my landlord. It appears to be a leak before the meter as far as I can tell. Email is best contact thanks, - Nick Westover.