City of Bloomington, Indiana – John Hamilton, Mayor


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Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

807 S Henderson ST

Case Date:

Dr. Colfield called to say that his mother lives at this address and has had a plumber out to see about her sewer which was backing up. Roto Rooter plumbers advised her that the line was broken in several places and probably was broken when the city installed the water main on Henderson St.

closed #38538


424 S Fess AVE

Case Date:

There is water flowing from the side of the apartment building onto the sidewalk and streets. The water smells like washing machine water.

closed #18738


1021 E Wylie ST

Case Date:

Gretchen Knapp of 1019 E. Wylie (next door to this property) says there is brush, trash, cat food cans, debris (pieces of wood), tarps collecting water and attracting rats and bugs, and other nuisances in the back yard of 1021, as well as around the rest of the property. She would like someone to come in to her house and look at the yard from the upstairs of her home.

closed #5951


911 E University ST

Case Date:

Trash everywhere. Also kid pools in the yard with standing water.