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Drainage or Runoff

1315 W 6th ST

Case Date:

We had a massive overflow of the drainage ditch next to our house after tonight's (2/20) storm. There must be some blockage at the end of the drain because water poured out of the ditch and basically covered our half of our backyard. The ditch either needs to be dug deeper and/or it needs to be cleared of debris in order to assure adequate drainage. We have photos for visual evidence but were unable to upload them through this website. Thank you for your attention to the matter.

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Yard Waste

1364 East Rogers Road

Case Date:

Duke Energy removed two trees from city property (immediately adjacent to E Rogers Road) and left the two sycamore trucks cut up in 8' segments on my property. I called Duke and asked them to remove them, but they said it's the landowner's responsibility (Duke cuts, but doesn't remove). Since the trees were on city-owned land, I hope the city will dispose of them. Please see the attached screenshot from the GIS system that demonstrates where my property boundary ends. The city clearly owns some portion of land adjacent to the road. These two trees were within three feet of Rogers Road, and were removed to provide more access to the pole Duke is replacing. Additionally, I'm frustrated with Duke about two things: 1) The pipe they've installed immediately adjacent to the road is incredibly unsightly. It's rusty and approximately 20 feet too long. I'd be happy to provide a picture of this. 2) In order to get big trucks back to this pole, they have installed two corrugated plastic drainage pipes and covered them with gravel. They are dramatically too small for the location. Since they first did this several years ago, the pipes are continuously clogged with leaves and sticks. The flow of water is constantly stopped here. As a result, there is a bit of local flooding which washes out the gravel Duke uses to cover the culverts. This is a very disappointing solution to have implemented on one's property. I have pictures of this, as well. I have no problem with Duke accessing their pole. They have every right to do so. I also understand that the City probably didn't know their trees were cut down or placed on my property. But I'm quite disappointed in the quality of materials and work that Duke has utilized to access their easement on my property. Can you please help with these things?

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Parks & Playgrounds

1400-1692 North College Avenue

Case Date:

The condition of Miller Shower park is getting worse day by day. It was clean and beautiful last fall but now it is covered with water plants and getting worse. Is it due to lack of funds that there is not maintenance?

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Potholes, Other Street Repair

1422 E Elliston DR

Case Date:

Greetings, I spoke briefly with a street maintenance crew as they were working in front of my home - and thought I'd share the conversation here. Over the past few years, the gutter from in front of our home (1504 E Elliston) on down to Fenway Pl has deteriorated significantly to the point that our driveway & yard are sinking as well. I'm no longer able to get my cars out of my driveway without scraping the bottom. When we get major rainstorms, I've noticed that the water runs directly into the ground from the gaps in the gutters & road, which I'd imagine contributes to the gutters & road sinking. I appreciate that they were out there patching the holes, but the patching really is very temporary from my observation. I was wondering if the city would have any plans to shore up the foundation, perhaps rebuild the gutters in a way that my driveway/yard won't continue to sink. Your consideration would be greatly appreciated - thank you!

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Drainage or Runoff

1450-1598 East Elliston Drive

Case Date:

I called you a month ago to report a water leaking close to our house (3705 S Fenway Pl, 47401). It seems no action has been taken and the problem is getting worse. Water is leaking from somewhere beneath our lawn next to Elliston Drive, trickling down the street. Is there any problem with the city water pipes?

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Water Utility Problems

1461-1713 State Road 46

Case Date:

Since late last year, I've noticed water coming out of the ground here, flowing across the multi-use path, and into the street. When the temperature dropped below freezing, this produced a considerably large layer of ice across the path. I don't know if this water is coming from the homeowner's property or from a leaking waterline, but I think someone should take a look at it.

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Water Utility Problems

1500 E Maxwell LN

Case Date:

Reported to Mike Carter via email 1/11/18. Reporting to uReport as well. FYI. With the new snow, it’s a lot easier to see where the leak is at. I hope you had a nice long weekend… Best, Rick On Jan 11, 2018, at 2:27 PM, Rick Birch Dietz wrote: Mike, here’s the scoop on the leak we discussed. Thanks! I live at 1500 E Maxwell Ln. I’m at the SE corner of Maxwell and Sheridan. There appears to be water pooling on east side of Sheridan near the western entrance to my driveway. I noticed ice here a few times last winter but thought it was just frozen road runoff and it wasn’t super cold last year so ice build-up wasn’t significant. But it’s been well below freezing and there shouldn’t be standing water. I didn’t observe anything like this in the spring, summer or fall. I assume there’s a small water line leak underground, perhaps underneath the road. The road is cracked along the edge so there may be some freeze/thaw going on. It doesn’t seem to be an emergency — the flow seems pretty minimal but it does generate some ice south of the wet area when below freezing. I wanted to report this now that I realize what is going on. I placed a stake with orange flagging tape in the area where it seems like water is coming to the surface. Thanks for looking into this. Thanks, R <IMG_4655.jpeg>

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Potholes, Other Street Repair

1515-1517 East University Street

Case Date:

East University Street between Jordan and Eastside is in pretty bad shape - lots of potholes, general disrepair, it's difficult to traverse (the absolute worst of it is right at Jordan and University). I see another part of East University Street is slated for paving in July, it would be really great if you could just keep going across all of East University Street! (There is also currently a water leak issue at Eastside and University which we reported last night that's going to cause additional road damage). Genuine thanks for all you do!

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Potholes, Other Street Repair

1531-1911 South Smith Road

Case Date:

The stretch on Smith Rd between Moores Pike and Snoddy Rd has alot of broken,uneven areas causing drivers to drive left of center to stay on "good pavement". Lots of standing water when it rains

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Water Utility Billing Problems

1543 S Arbors LN

Case Date:

I had a remarkably high water bill last month that my property manager supposedly fixed on 3/12. My service bill date range for this last month was 3/2 till 4/2. I was wondering if I could have a day-by-day breakdown of my water usage. Specifically, I need to know if there was remarkably high water usage on or after 3/12. If there is none, then that means that the water leak was probably resolved but if there is still insane water usage after 3/12 then it still has not been resolved. Thank you!