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closed #165139

Water Quality

155 E Sunny Slopes DR

Case Date:

Our water has been yellow on several occasions and is now coming out of the faucet orange. We are unable to use this water for bathing, drinking, cooking, or laundry and we would like the issue to be addressed as soon as possible. We need to have clean, usable water in our home.

closed #145105

Water Utility Problems

160 N Park Ridge RD

Case Date:

apparent water line leak on Park Ridge road about 50 feet south of Morningside in front to condos. Water is flowing between sidewalk and street near the water meter.

closed #158047

Potholes, Other Street Repair

1600-1606 South Rogers Street

Case Date:

potholes and low spot gets flooded easily with mud and water forcing pedestrians to walk into busy road from sidewalk.

closed #147801

Potholes, Other Street Repair

1628-1698 East Hillside Drive

Case Date:

Water valve cover popped off eastbound lane Hillside at corner Dorchester Dr. Cover in grass near HT paperbox.

closed #154793

Drainage or Runoff

1631 S Olive ST

Case Date:

1631 s olive street bloomington in 47401 This is a formal request for the drainage system to be examined and or for a drain to be established on olive street given the standing flood water over 5 inches high.

closed #165372

Parks & Playgrounds

1698 W Dove DR

Case Date:

Dog water fountain water pressure is too low, and the base of the water fountain leaks. This is a along the clear Creek trail between Rockport and that Rd.

closed #158285

Drainage or Runoff

170 E Sunny Slopes DR

Case Date:

Hi, The stormwater drains in this neighborhood are no longer able to process light rain. Since the Echo Park subdivision was built, we have noticed an increase in the amount of water collecting near the drains. Historically, the drains have not processed the stormwater quickly enough so the water pools in the street causing traffic and parking disruption. We would like to find a solution to this stormwater and runoff issue. Thanks, Gavin Kelly

closed #138250

Drainage or Runoff

1809 E Longwood CT E

Case Date:

There is a small, cylindrical fire hydrant on the SW corner of my neighbor's front yard. The hydrant is across the cul du sac from my home at 1810 Longwood Court East. It appears to me that this hydrant is leaking or cracked. There is water seeping into my neighbor's front ditch, then under the street and out the end of the cul du sac, causing much more erosion than normal. It probably needs to be repaired.

closed #158664

Drainage or Runoff

1816-2098 South High Street

Case Date:

When it rains, the run off comes down my driveway off of High street and the parallel sidewalk and runs down my driveway pooling in front of my garage door and in turn enters my house. This will occur during a rainfall of 0.5 inch or more. Would it be possible to look at the drains on High street or add one at the top of the hill to divert water away from my driveway?

closed #149220

Parks & Playgrounds

1854-1898 North College Avenue

Case Date:

The safety rail overlooking the water on the north side of Miller Showers is missing on a few feet of the railings. It's the north side by the 2 concrete face statues. This is a safety hazard and a child or dog could easily fall through.