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closed #171004

Water Utility Billing Problems

5688 W Tensleep Rd, Bloomington, Indiana, 47403

Case Date:

Our CBU water bill was incorrect for the month of November.

closed #170585

Water Utility Problems

5495 S Old State Road 37

Case Date:

The water pressure is really low.

closed #166513


5314 S Southway DR

Case Date:

The person that this is addressed to does not live here at 5314 S. Southway Drive. And we keep getting bills for them. Have came to report this in person and also attempted to call your office with no results. Please get this taken care of. If not to stop the annoyance to me, to help this person keep their water on.

closed #171239

Water Utility Problems

525 N Fess AVE

Case Date:

cover on water meter is not secure, could slide off

closed #169650

Potholes, Other Street Repair

521 E Winslow Farm DR

Case Date:

We have a drive/eyebrow off Winslow Farm Dr. Would like for city to repair the potholes/low places that hold water where the two roads meet, the drive through and Winslow Farm Dr. These places keep holding water and getting deeper.

closed #166488

Water Utility Problems

517 W 13th ST

Case Date:

No water

closed #169533

Water Utility Problems

517 N Plymouth RD

Case Date:

There was a noticeable decrease in water pressure this morning. We thought it could be a leak in our house, but the neighbors told us they had a drop in water pressure also.

closed #166483

Water Utility Problems

512 E 15th ST

Case Date:

No water running in the area.

closed #170703

Water Utility Problems

504 E Dixie ST

Case Date:

I live at 505 E Dixie St and we are without water this morning. Any idea when water service will be restored?

closed #166486

Water Utility Problems

502 W 13th ST

Case Date:

500 block of W 13th street does not have running water.