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About Kettle of Corn

Chris Vosters, owner of Kettle of Corn, was born and raised in Southern Indiana on a dairy farm. Agriculture has always been in the family. The family started the business on a dare in 1998, according to Chris. Kettle of Corn became designated as a Prepared Food Vendor in 2013 after their small popcorn farm experienced crop failure due to the 2012 drought, causing them to purchase a portion of their popcorn. Still, the kettle corn recipe will remain the same.

Kettle of Corn has sold popcorn at Market for many years now, and customers notice when Chris misses a Market. According to Chris, customers were so upset by their occasional absence, she had to start posting a sign to let folks know if they would be out the following week. She says that parents often promise their kids popcorn if they behave at Market.

What started as a hobby has become a successful business, but it took some time before the recipe was perfected. When Chris's husband first learned how to make kettle corn years ago, someone asked him how to cook it. "Burnt!", he said. Judging by the long lines of eager customers next to the Kettle of Corn tent, it appears they no longer have that problem.

Despite the countless batches of popcorn she's popped over the years, Chris still enjoys a bag herself on the way home from Market every Saturday.

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Chris Vosters

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the Saturday market

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